Woken Poetry

Hello readers,

Over the past year or so, you may have noticed that most of my posts have been poetry (and, of course, quotes of the month). I have found that my true passion in writing is poetry. For me, words don’t always seem to “work well” when I am speaking. I often feel I cannot express my thoughts clear enough verbally. However, something about poems is special–I can speak through them, and express myself more fully.

That said, I feel that I should become more focused in my writing since I have found what is passionate for me. Thus, I am starting another blog completely dedicated to poetry. All kinds of poems for all kinds of people. I hope you enjoy Woken Poetry

This does not mean that I am done with this blog! Not at all! I will still use it as before, but with slightly different content–usually not poetry (as that will go on Woken). I am hoping that with more focused content you will feel more connected and still enjoy what I write. Thanks for sticking around!

Lydia Eve



Quote of the Month: September

Now is a season of transition. Going back to school, as a student or teacher, is one of those main transitions. As we venture into the new school year we all have one thing on our minds: doing well, getting good grades, being a good student or teacher as best as we are able. As important as a good education is, I want to remind you that there is more than one definition of success. Today I have a few quotes to help you see the bigger picture:


“I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

-Thomas Edison


“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”

-Bill Gates


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

-Albert Einstein


“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

-Albert Einstein


“Excellence is a habit.”

-Jason Reynolds

Quote (ish) of the Month: August

This month I don’t exactly have a quote to share with you. For a few years I’ve been collecting jokes and puns that I find amusing. I know many people just roll their eyes at the wordplay and obvious humor, but some are so great you can’t keep them all to yourself. So, this August, have fun sharing and cringing at these jokes:

  • What do you call a bear without an ear? B.
  • What did one ocean say to the other? Nothing; he just waved.
  • What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back? A stick.
  • I can handle pain until it hurts.
  • Don’t worry about old age. It doesn’t last.
  • Broken pencils are pointless.
  • Velcro–what a rip off!
  • I wondered why the ball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.
  • I tried to catch some fog but I mist.
  • I like rice. Rice is great when you’re hungry and you want 2,000 of something.
  • I wanted to buy some camouflage trousers, but I couldn’t find any.
  • Don’t you hate it when people answer their own questions? I do.
  • My friend and I often laugh at how competitive we are. But I laugh more.


Quote of the Month: July

“You can complain that the roses have thorns, or you can rejoice that the thorn bushes have roses.”

-Abraham Lincoln


Yet another short and powerful quote. As I write this, I am in shock that June 2018 is already over. Gone. Never to return. It has passed so quickly I feel as if it hardly happened. (But, of course, so much did happen!) However, we can fill in the blanks of Lincoln’s wise words–you can complain that the summer is 1/3 over, or you can rejoice because there are 2/3 left. What will you fill in the blanks with? There is always something to see the bright side of.

Lydia Eve

Quote of the Month: June

This month’s quote is very short – the best ones are. The best ones can grab hold of your heart with just a few words. So do not judge this saying by it’s length, but by it’s depth. Just read it. You’ll see.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
-Albert Einstien

Do you see who said this? Albert Einstein, who we consider to be a genius–in fact, one of the most brilliant people…ever. Yet he is telling us being imaginative–creative, curious–is more important than being smart. Think about that.

He’s saying that imagining what could be is of greater value than knowing what is. It’s true, isn’t it? Because everyone knows what’s here right now. It’s those people who think around, beyond our day and age who actually make a difference.

(Fun fact: Einstein was born on Pi Day: March 14th, 3.14…)

Stuffed in the Closet

This is a poem about where I am from; the things that shaped me into who I am today. These are tiny things, but they made a big impact. Memories are sewn into this poem, so many I could not fit them all. But here is some of the most important things from my childhood.

Stuffed in the Closet


I am from silver Duct Tape

     From Bon Ami and Windex

I am from the secret door in the wall

       hidden behind the chest of drawers

       with its knob stuck tight

I am from the two plum trees

      with their fragile blossoms

The prickly blackberry bushes

       that stabbed us if we

      stole a berry


I am from warm, fresh-ground flour

      and my brother’s chewed pencil stubs

From Bunchy and Sinister Gas

I’m from The Punks

      and the Think Before You Speak

From no pain no gain.

I’m from Jesus loves me

This I know

By heart


I’m from 74 East and College Avenue

From outdoor neighbors and sleepy bunnies

      tucked in your lap

The crush and clunk of the coffee grinder–

I can hear it every morning from upstairs

From “left in church

      with only 2 peppermints”

      And the alligator scar


Stuffed in the closet is a row

      of old notebooks

Cracked at the spine

Bursting with words

I am from those moments–

      Which no one else seems to records

      As meticulously as I do

Yet there they are, ever waiting,

stacked and treasured

      with me till the end of time.